LoveMilton Love Adventure

Love Milton have finished another project – Love Milton Love Adventure. The idea, and subsequently the name of the project, is part of our mission to get people in Milton to show how much they love the place in which they live, by helping improve it through construction projects whilst also getting them out in the wild, to connect with the countryside and, ultimately, ‘love adventure’. The course comprises of three days of training and construction and one day of ‘adventuring’, in partnership with Wild By Nature. 

The Crew (some of them, anyway) looking menacing.

The construction part of the course comprised of two projects. One was the rammed-earth tyres, which were used to grow plants and to provide a base for some benches; the other was to build some gabions. All the main construction materials were reclaimed or recycled, making our structures as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ramming earth in tyres. Self-explanatory really.

 The project took place in the community gardens ran by the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, who are an organisation that arose partly out of Love Milton’s activities and will often be found working in partnership with us. They’re doing fantastic work in the south of Milton, growing their own organic food and travelling around Milton, selling it to residents at a very good price. We were delighted to help them make their garden a better place for spending time growing food.

Perfect working conditions

The rammed-earth tyres were lined around a pond, to provide a little buffer from the pond to the garden but also simply for plant decoration. They were also used to raise walls to provide a better wind-break. The volunteers slacking off when they think no-one’s looking. Disgraceful.

Gabions are structures that are used in a variety of ways, from redirecting rivers to preventing cliff-faces from breaking off and killing everyone below. Here, they were used simply as benches for the garden. The slate we used was taken from a disused wall, which we broke up into a lot of different, irregular pieces and put into a metal cage, with some wood on top to form the bench.

Very messy, muddy work.

But our volunteers soldiered on bravely and, ultimately, enjoyed the fruits of their labour with a nice sit-down.

Wild By Nature got their hands on our volunteers every Thursday to take them out to the countryside. Canoeing, rambling and a survival course were all on the menu over the weeks for the volunteers, and the volunteers loved it.

I haven’t even photoshopped this picture.

Nor this one.

The crew build a bomb shelter.

Staff at Love Milton are delighted with the results of the course and are keen for more. Ultimately, we want to keep on pushing our volunteers to help them acquire more and more skills so they can help us on our community self-build projects, not just as volunteers but as skilled workers. Doing that will not only help us; it’ll help them find more, better quality employment and, hopefully, give everyone a great sense of achievement.