The Concrete Garden

Love Milton and the Prince's Trust team up to complete a project intended to deliver a concrete garden to a site on Balmore Road. This project, as part of the Get in to Urban Spaces programme, is designed to create sustainable structures and spaces that improve the area whilst retaining a minimal environmental impact.

As part of our ongoing mission to create sustainable, environmentally-minded community projects, whose delivery will increase the skills and knowledge of our volunteers, Love Milton led a four week programme at the concrete garden on Balmore Road. This project culminated in the construction of a covered space for use in the garden and for rainwater harvesting.

The project was delivered through the construction a timber frame structure, using reclaimed timber and pallets, with sheet material acquired for the construction of the roof. The cost of these materials is very low, both in terms of the monetary cost to purchase them and the environmental cost; by using reclaimed wood, our environmental impact is very minimal, which is a core part of our vision as a community organisation.

The program was organised in partnership with the Princes Trust, and they helped us recruit the young people who helped us build this shelter. During the construction process they learnt about basic construction techniques, sustainability and ways to build environmentally friendly community structures. And, we hope, had a lot of fun doing it!