In this article, I won't be talking about a technical topic instead I want to address something that I've been struggling with since I've started this blog, and It's this idea of "Is my content good enough to be shared"

As a software engineer, you will be constantly learning new stuff and upgrading your skills, so there is a big chance that the concept that you've learned today, after a couple of months it will start to look super obvious and no longer interesting to blog about.

By thinking this way you forget that you too were struggling to learn that concept or tool and you couldn't find a tutorial or an article that can help you understand it, so just because you understood something and no longer see it as worth blogging about doesn't mean that other people won't find it useful.

It doesn't matter how silly or basic you see that idea there will always be someone who will find it useful. After all, the true purpose of blogging is to help others who've been there and try to make the process easier for them.

So stop making excuses and start blogging!