First, let me draw a couple of scenarios : 

You just got a new job, the environment is great you can't wait to prove yourself then it hit you; that good old train of anxiety and pressure, you start to feel like you're not worthy, or this is too much and beyond your skillset, your employer might figure out that somehow you tricked him to give you this job.

Or the second scenario where you just finished learning this new tool and you think that you're really good at it, then a few days later you find that you've barely scratched the surface and you know nothing about that technology, and the road to its mastery is long ahead

We've all being there, it's completely normal. that's Impostor syndrome and it's not something that goes away with experience, you just need to learn how to handle it and use it to your advantage. This blog post is focused on programmers because in the tech industry there is always something new to learn, just when you think that you got hold of this new framework or library, you find that there is a new level that you know nothing about. Which make you feel overwhelmed, because you can't know everything even if you dedicate your entire life to learning, that's something we all must accept.

We feel Impostor syndrome the most when we go outside of our comfort zone or we get into situations that challenge our level of knowledge. In these type of situations fear or anxiousness starts to kick in and to our mind, that's not good because we're out of the comfort zone, so our brain goes to its default mode 'ABORT!! And go back to the SAFE zone to survive' even though these situations are not threatening our survival -at least not in most cases- but it might feel like it. So the key thing here is to know when you start feeling like that and intervene, because one thing I know for sure is we grow when we go outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves, so whenever you feel that way, look at the bright side: this is your chance to upgrade your skill set, don't abort and go back to your boring safe zone instead embrace the challenge and grow.